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Briefcase's applies its powerful 7-step Behavioural Design process to create and test solutions. What makes the Behavioural Design process unique compared to the traditional way most companies work, is that Behavioural Design involves creating multiple solutions, based on behavioural science and live-testing each and every solution on large sample sizes of customers before scaling the winning solution. That ensures that multiple solutions get tested and verified before being scaled up. This is in contrast to the traditional process of selecting one solution from a few options that the team feels may perform, while risking the entire budget on that one single solution. The Behavioural Design process eliminates any individual or group biases and lowers risk by increasing the probability of arriving at the best solution or solutions, which otherwise would not have been applied. A pure win-win process.

Briefcase's 7-step Behavioural Design process:

Analyze Product & Customer Data

1. Analyze Product & Customer Data

We understand the product by understanding its features, benefits, positioning and its potential to be reframed. Simultaneously, we analyze customer data by understanding target segments, demographic profiles and their past behaviour.

Map Customer Journey

2. Map Customer Journey

We map the entire customer journey step-by-step from the point of the customer receiving a trigger to the customer completing the desired action be it, apply/subscribe/buy/upgrade/renew/hold/increase/decrease/stop/start/etc.

Apply Behavioural Design Principles

3. Apply Behavioural Design Principles

We go through multiple Behavioural Design principles, to align the ones that are relevant to the problem. Behavioural Design principles are based on Briefcase's knowledge of more than ten thousand behavioural science experiments in consumer, employee, investor, public and personal behaviour. Behavioural science is about experiments in actual behaviour of people in different decision-making contexts. The Behavioural Design principles derived from behavioural science experiments guide all solutions.

Create Multiple Solutions

4. Create Multiple Solutions

We develop and test multiple solutions on large sample sizes of real customers before scaling the winning solution or solutions. That increases the likelihood of success, which makes Behavioural Design a very safe process. On the other hand, most companies typically choose one single solution to be implemented out of 4-5 options presented based on the team's collective gut. Putting the entire project's budget on the hope that the one solution succeeds, makes the traditional process very risky. That's why we develop and test multiple solutions.

A/B Test Solutions

5. A/B Test Solutions

A/B testing is used to establish the efficacy of the solutions because it is the most scientific and rigorous method for establishing cause and effect. 'A' being the existing campaign, the control group, and 'B' being multiple Behavioural Design solutions. A/B testing is also referred to as Randomized Control Trials (RCTs).

Do Tweaks Based on Results

6. Do Tweaks Based on Results

A/B Testing is usually broken up into phases. In each phase, principles are tested depending on number of Behavioural Design solutions. Learnings from each phase are then applied to consequent testing of Behavioural Design solutions so that the performance is enhanced with every phase's learnings.

Scale Best Solution

7. Scale Best Solution

The best performing Behavioural Design solution or solutions are scaled upto be deployed on the entire customer base.

Get the 5X Advantage

Briefcase's 7-step Behavioural Design process offers you 5 distinct Advantages that you won't get from
either a management consultancy or research agency or digital agency or analytics firm or design studio.

Actionable Insights - Behavioural insights that can be tested and verified
Creative Execution - Customer focused usable solutions, not just advice
Real-Time Testing - Ability to experiment solutions in real world rapidly
Research &Learning - Know what works, what doesn't for your customers
Scalable Solutions - Multiple working solutions ready to scale

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